Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's As Good A Place As Any

The morning seemed so different
And I just couldn't take it

The bright, warm sun forced slits in my eyes
but I failed to notice

The only conscious thoughts in my head
were those leading up to

The hour it was endless
In dreams I was befriended

All my troubles seemed so far away
as tomorrow had rushed in from

I'm sure to stumble, just as sure
As today is just tomorrow's

The poem looks fascinating
and I haven't even seen it yet
this evening

Now just became Then
and Soon will be when,
this evening

None of this is a problem
If I remember to be here

1. Ron S. began poetica on 11/12/'07
2. Adopting an E-phrase, Ron and Angelo carried on. Hurray!
3. Christo's final verse clearly ended the piece on 11/14/'07, at which point Ron S. titled it.

Writers: Ron S., Angelo, Christo, Ethel, Terry

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Collectively Speaking, Something Serene"

Shortened days of Autumn splendor
when darkness seems to linger,
Crisp air breathes through hearts
beneath a canopy of azure skies

Gone, the heat of summer's sun
of sultry evening laughter
and in its place, a bracing wind
brings night a crystal clarity

so cold now, a Franklin fire heats
shadows conversing with memories
events collapsing in time, piling fast
against frosted holiday windows

a peaceful quiet beckons
the crunch soon underfoot
as paths of life are traced through
a crystallized maze of whiteness

synchronous seasons
stillness deeply woven falls
winter nymphs flutter Fate’s
mystery exhilarates

fresh blankets stir youthful hearts
joyous meanderings create memories
many melted away through time passages
as frigid elders fear this jekyll and hyde

the gloom of winter,
silence is deafening,
we await the Spring,
the wheels will turn,

wheels within wheels
their teeth interlocking
the majestic turning
of quantum mechanics

molecules quicken
snow dripping rivers
and sleeping things stir

first warm day
dirty window screen smell
tender sunlit leaves flutter
pillow on the sill, ecstasy
1. Don Aters began the poem with the first two lines on 10/31/07.
2. No guidlines were given, but four line stanzas were sdopted.
3. After unprecidented consideration the poem was titled after Don's own words, and completed on 11/11/'07.
4. Image: Ethel Mann

Writers: Don A., Angelo, Terry, Ethel, Tim O.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


And I dreamed there was snow in the mail
while the letters of an indecipherable alphabet
drifted silently from the sky.

Nom de plume? Sky Writer
ghost writer in the sky
phrases snowing by
falling into phonemes









Wind & wings to carry me home,
the grassy knolls await,
Wind & wings to carry me home
And I just can't carry it all.

1. This poem began on 11/3/'07, a first line by Ron S.
2. There were no guidelines
3. The poem's end was suggested by Ron S. on 11/4/'074

4. Photo: Terry Gilmer

Writers: Ron S., Terry, Ethel, Don A.