Sunday, October 21, 2007


I was born on my father's birthday
It was the very first clue I had to get away...
Born in October's red/yellow/orange swirl
starsigns in the void, just a young girl

Mother loved to dance my hushed heartbeat embraced
the music of her life runs through my veins
jeweled vibration immersed I have been graced

Memories of joy like arrows find their mark in my heart
The second sign was the music there was no end it didn't start
Sweet reminders that I am who she once was,
now unbroken and bright, innocence renewed imparted

As the man said..."Je t' non plus"
Dark was. Resilience, brilliance, ever fresh
the never ending blending turn of shadow, shape and hue
lustrous desire obscured we murmur adieu

1, This poem began with the title only on 10/05/07
2. Verses were added one line at a time
3. Stanza breaks were spontaneous
4. After much discussion, poem 2 closed on a line

from Tim O., on 10/09/07
5. Photo credit: Ethel Mann, "Persimmon", 2006

Writers: Angelo, Ethel, Ron S, Terry G., Tim O., Ray

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