Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's As Good A Place As Any

The morning seemed so different
And I just couldn't take it

The bright, warm sun forced slits in my eyes
but I failed to notice

The only conscious thoughts in my head
were those leading up to

The hour it was endless
In dreams I was befriended

All my troubles seemed so far away
as tomorrow had rushed in from

I'm sure to stumble, just as sure
As today is just tomorrow's

The poem looks fascinating
and I haven't even seen it yet
this evening

Now just became Then
and Soon will be when,
this evening

None of this is a problem
If I remember to be here

1. Ron S. began poetica on 11/12/'07
2. Adopting an E-phrase, Ron and Angelo carried on. Hurray!
3. Christo's final verse clearly ended the piece on 11/14/'07, at which point Ron S. titled it.

Writers: Ron S., Angelo, Christo, Ethel, Terry

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